Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Scenic Area
Sanxianshan Scenic Area
Introduction to Scenic Spots

Introduction to Scenic Spots

Sanxianshan Scenic Spot in Penglai

Sanxianshan refers to the ancient myths and legends of "Penglai, Abbot, Yingzhou" three immortal mountains. It was the place where Qin Shihuang and Han Wudi visited the immortals eastward to seek medicine and pray for immortality. It was the source of the Oriental mountain and sea myth, and the reputation of Penglai as "fairyland on earth" came from it.

Sanxianshan Scenic Area is a national 5A scenic spot and a national cultural industry demonstration base. It consists of Sanhe Hall, Penglai Xiandao, Fanghu Scenic Spot, Yingzhou Wonderland, Yingzhou Academy, Treasure Hall, Jade Buddha Temple, Eleventh Face Guanyin Pavilion, Wanfang'an and other landscapes. The park has exquisite ideas of overlapping mountains and waters, magnificent pavilions and pavilions, brilliant cornices and warping horns, and different ancient trees and rocks, as well as beautiful birds and birds playing in blue water. It is also the hero of royal gardens in the north and the beauty of private gardens in the south. It concentrates on the great achievements of classical gardens in China, and shows the beauty of harmony between man and nature and harmony between man and nature. Picture scroll. Among them, 108 tons of whole jade sleeping Buddha, 72 tons of whole jade standing Guanyin and 260 tons of eleven-sided Guanyin are treasures of scenic towns and gardens. Penglai Xiandao and other seven groups of buildings are created on the basis of ancient paintings, which can be called classic works of calligraphy gardens. The treasure house is known as the "folk palace", which collects a large number of works of art with high quality and high artistic, collection and ornamental value. The whole scenic area is magnificent in scale, rich in connotation, exquisite in art and skillful in nature, which makes visitors amazed and lingering, and is known as "mythical fairyland, reappearance of Penglai".

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